National and Local Emergencies

Given the present political, social, economic, natural, and environmental conditions in MISTI countries, the evacuation of MISTI students is unlikely. It is conceivable however, that students would have to be removed temporarily or permanently from a given part of the country. This section includes important information on communicating in and dealing with a national or local emergency situation. 

Communicating in an Emergency

In case of a national or local emergency, it is your responsibility to stay in touch with your MISTI Program Manager to let him or her know that you are OK and to receive important instructions in case of an evacuation or other change in plans. 

  • As long as internet access and telephone lines are operable, it is your responsibility to contact your Program Manager immediately (if feasible).
  • Carry your MISTI Student Information Card with you at all times. It contains all the important phone numbers you need for staying in touch with your Program Manager, local embassy and/or ISOS.
  • Your MISTI Program Manager will also attempt to contact each student, by e-mail and/or phone. Make sure your emergency contact information in the Emergency Information Questionnaire of the MISTI student portal is up-to-date.
  • Make sure to check your email and phone for updates.
  • If phone lines are not working, MISTI may work with the U.S. Embassy or embassy of your home country and the local police (if recommended) in order to communicate messages via radio, television, and any other available method.
  • If you cannot get in touch with your Program Manager, work with other MISTI students in your area and continue trying to make communication while following announcements on the radio and television. Follow your host institution and community’s lead and stay with people who can help you communicate.
  • Keep on top of international and local news through radio, newspapers, and the internet.
  • Keep in touch with your family in the U.S or home country, so they are aware of the situation and your safety. It is important that they hear from you personally.