Online Dating

Be cautious when considering online dating applications abroad.

Be cautious when considering online dating applications or other types of anonymous or pseudonymous venues for meeting people. This is particularly important when seeking to meet new people because there are different cultural norms and values that surround social or personal relationships. What might be considered a casual drink or meal with a person of interest can have a much more significant meaning in a different cultural context. Online dating applications can carry different connotations or serve different purposes than they do in the United States. It is important to remember that it is very difficult for you to safely determine who might be genuinely interested in you and who has ulterior motives (such as stealing your passport or money, or seeking a visa to the US if you are a US citizen). Given the significant cultural differences between the US and countries abroad, MIT strongly encourages students to prioritize their academics and be mindful to seek out cultural experiences that are safe, such as through homestays, local staff, and program activities.