Air travel recommendations for the 21st century.

Flight Arrival Tips
  • Try not to land during Shabbat – this is Friday afternoon through Saturday night. There is no public transportation, and you will often find it difficult to get into housing, dorms, etc. during this time. If you land on a Friday, it’s a good idea to land no later than 10-11 AM.
  • Unless you have friends and relatives who will pick you up, or a plan to stay in a hostel, etc. you should try to land during daylight/business hours.
  • It is your responsibility to get to/from the airport, so consider this when choosing your flight arrival/departure times and days


Buying Your Plane Ticket

  • Once your dates have been finalized with your host and MISTI, you may buy your plane ticket.
  • MIT-Israel will reimburse you up to a certain amount on economy class. 
  • You may fly from anywhere, on any route, barring highest risk countries, including Egypt, and Turkey
    • See high risk country list for the full list of prohibited countries – in general, you may not transit through any country rated “High Risk” or “Extreme Risk.”
    • For example, if you are going home to California before going to Israel, you may fly from California to Tel Aviv and back to Boston
    • All flights should land at TLV – Ben-Gurion International Airport
    • The ticket reimbursement does not include luggage fees, change fees, in-flight entertainment or wifi, transportation to the airport, change fees, or in-flight food, etc.
    • You are responsible for booking a ticket in compliance with these rules. If you must make any changes, you will be responsible for the additional cost.