Buzzhunter is a technology-driven international creative agency, specializing in design and development of interactive solutions,user experience (UX), creative and socialmarketing intelligence with offices in NYC and Tel Aviv. They fulfill design and marketing needs for several international organizations and companies and employ a group of dynamic, creative individuals. Their team is comprised of designers, web developers, and marketing specialists. Currently, their biggest projects are for a Canadian company called GCAC, a nonprofit that funds type 1 diabetes research called JDRF, and TedxJaffa.

Student Story|Ester Shmulyian, Brain and Cog '19

Ester Shmulyian, Brain and Cog '19

During my time at Buzzhunter, I completed several projects that can be divided into three groups: marketing and web development for an app called Cannalife, social media posts for the Buzzhunter Instagram, and my own personal projects.

Cannalife is an app for medical marijuana patients that will employ AI to prescribe strains and will serve as a forum for users as well. GCAC, the Canadian company I mentioned before, is the one that is developing and releasing this app. When working on the Cannalife app, I mostly worked under a coworker named Patrick. He taught me some basic html, which I had never touched before. With his help, I was able to code the terms of use and the privacy policy pages for the Cannalife website. I also did some other html and css exercises, which helped me understand the structure of the programming language and the ways in which it can be used. I also did some marketing for Cannalife. I did research about the app’s competitors, organized content writers for initial posts on the app’s forum, and helped create a structure for the content calendar for the app’s blog. It was very interesting to be involved in the beginning stages of an app that has so much potential to grow and impact lives.

Next, I created a series of social media posts for Buzzhunter. Buzzhunter has been working on improving and developing their social media page, and I helped create content for that page. I was given a lot of creative freedom and was able to explore different styles when making these posts. Being at Buzzhunter has allowed me to improve my Illustrator skills immensely.

Lastly, my boss Hanan encouraged me to pursue personal projects. And because I wanted to get better and faster with Illustrator and wanted to practice making design choices, I decided to create several portraits using Illustrator. I have made 7 portraits so far, and I am looking forward to making more. My supervisor, Dudi, has noticed that I have made a lot of progress within the last few months and I agree with him. I feel much more confident using Illustrator and have a better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the program.Above is one graphic I created-a self portrait, and it’s one of the first graphics I made. The level of detail and the design choices seems to have improved drastically and I am really happy with my progress.

Generally, the work day seems more relaxed at Buzzhunter than it has been with most of my other work experiences. I am not sure if this is because Buzzhunter is in Israel, or because it is a creative marketing agency. But either way, I enjoyed feeling less pressure during the work day, and found that the relaxed environment and attitude made it easier to enjoy my work and be creative. I find that pressure and stress stifle creativity, and that taking breaks during creative work is important, so the relaxed work style at Buzzhunter is probably the key to the company’s success. Everything that needs to get done, gets done, and the employees seem very happy.

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