Check Point

Check Point is one of the biggest software companies in Israel. They are a multinational provider of cyber security products. It was founded in 1993 by Gil Shwed. He thought of the idea while he was serving in the Israel Defense Forces in the 8200 unit. They are a leading company in the cyber-security field. Many of their customers are major businesses in America and around the world. Fun fact: they found an attack on the MIT kerberos in 2013.

Student Story|Judith Fusman '21

Judith Fusman '21

This summer, I worked as a software developer intern at at Check Point Software Technologies. My project’s goal was to allow customers to manage and monitor Check Point products over Rest API. I added features to their Rest API and built an automated tester that tests the API. I felt very accomplished when they sent my code to some of their big customers.

My internship project connects to global issues because there are cyber security threats all over the world. Most companies are not properly secured against the cyber threats. Check Point works very hard in order to secure the cyber world for all of its users. I approached my project differently than it would be in America. This is because Israel has a more informal and direct culture. I was able to go to my boss’s office whenever I was stuck and he was always very happy to help me. I always told him directly if i was stuck on something. I was able to become friends with my co-workers because we all ate lunch together. It is a very friendly and familial culture which is very welcoming to me. The fact that my project is happening in Israel does have an impact. This is because many of the employees at Check Point served in the IDF. They are very well-trained because of their experience in the IDF. It is advancing the work process. Check Point is very diverse. It is representative of the melting pot that is Israel.

Working and living is Israel impacted my summer in tremendous ways. I was able to rekindle my relationships with my family, learn more about the Israeli culture, enjoy the beaches and the food and work at an awesome company.

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