Flytrex was established in 2013 with the mission to make drone delivery a reality. Today, Flytrex offers an end-to-end delivery solution using automated drones controlled over the cloud using a smart and easy control dashboard. Their solution helps retailers, eCommerce marketplaces, delivery companies and private individuals achieve ultra-fast deliveries and reach poorly accessible areas while lowering both operational and capital expenses.

Student Story|Rose Wang, EECS '20

Rose Wang, EECS '20

I spent the summer of 2017 in Israel with the MISTI Israel program. My internship project was based in Flytrex, a startup company that focuses on developing delivery drones for the consumer market. I received different
kinds of projects, and therefore had various responsibilities as an intern; it’s a bit difficult for me to summarize everything concisely! I was in charge of the developing their battery system for DJI drones, such as the Fox and the Matrix
600, and a couple days in, I was able to query and read off their battery, integrate a local database in their system, and have my worked integrated in their own Android mobile application. I also worked on the development operations side of their drone web application, which used CircleCI as their integrated development environment for building and deploying drone missions. Here and there during my time at Flytrex, I spent time learning how to create Android applications and familiarized myself with their IOIO board, a microcontroller board which connects their Android smartphone to the entire drone.

Given Israel’s pioneering work in military drone technology, there has been a boom in Israeli start-up companies focused on branching out the possibilities for making drones a consumer product. Flytrex is one of the main companies in Israel focused on using drone as a means of delivery, and they have been quite successful in the past months. Besides the $3 million dollar investment deal that they closed in January, they offer operational drone deliveries in more than 5 countries (currently growing!)

What I considered as unique Israeli aspects to my project was my work environment and how I was able to flexibly flow from one project into another. For the first two weeks into my internship I was given project that dealt with the battery system--kind of at the intersection of electrical engineering and computer science. Shortly afterward, I transferred to the development operations team where I worked solely on the software engineering. Every now and then I would be able to join the experimental drone operations that the company did either in Ra’anana or even in Akko! There was always something to spice up my week, and I don’t think I would have been able to experience this kind of internship at an American or non-Israeli drone company, let alone a big enterprise such as Amazon Prime Air.

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